A Quick Update, A Book Recommendation, and a Question

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

This week started with a plan. Then Gerlando and I had a conversation about a book we both just read. Then this week got flipped completely upside down.

If you’ve ever tried to build anything at all, you can probably relate to this scenario.

The book we read is one we think everyone should read. Whether you’re building a SaaS product like Teachery or you have a Dry Cleaning business. The principles apply to almost every business and that’s why we’re giving so much love to it this week.

The book recommendation is by Kathy Sierra and it’s called Badass: Making Users Awesome 

For those of you who know Kathy Sierra’s story, it’s an interesting one. For those of you who don’t, it’s worth perusing her Wikipedia page for a few minutes.

Back to the book and why you need to read it… Badass: Making Users Awesome has changed our perspective and thoughts on what we’re trying to do with Teachery. Truthfully, we’d always wanted our course creators to be badass and to be awesome, but what Kathy talks about has trickled down to our feature roadmap too.

We started out this week working on one feature, but we’ve pivoted (as the kids are saying) and we’re focusing on something we know will make our course creators look badass: Landing and Sales Pages. Yeah. Get excited!

Landing and Sales Pages are critical for course creators to sell their courses (and subsequently look like badasses when they do). We don’t have an immediate launch date in mind, but our goal is to get something up during the month of March. Stay tuned for that (and you can thank Kathy Sierra).

Question: If you currently have (or are building) a course on Teachery, we want to know what we can help you with?

Are you struggling to finish your course content? Worrying about marketing your course? If you’re not creating a course, what’s holding you back from doing so?

We know that’s more than one question, but our goal with Teachery is not to have thousands of users whose emails we don’t answer. Instead, we’re keeping the total number of Teachery users low so we can be as hands-on as possible (and help as much as possible).

So reach out to us@teachery.co and let us know how we can help you get your course off and running!



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