New Feature Alert: Landing Pages

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We know we’ve been a little quiet on the Teachery blog, but it’s been for good reason! Today, we’re excited to announce our newest feature: Landing Pages.

Landing Pages On Teachery Work Two Ways

#1 Use them as sales pages: Building your online course is great, but selling your online course is probably more important. We all have to be able to buy our gluten-free, dolphin-safe, organic groceries right? With landing pages on Teachery, you can create a compelling sales proposition to your potential customer, all within our easy to use editor. And, they’re fully brand-able and customizable!

#2 Use them as email capture pages: Not quite ready to have people buy your course? We highly recommend marketing your course well before it’s completed. Now you can do that with our landing pages. Simply click the “Email Page” button on our landing page editor and you’ll be able to capture email addresses immediately.

Our Landing Pages Are Smart

Want to use a landing page to capture email addresses for a month, then use the same page to sell your online course? You’re in luck! With one click of your mouse, you can turn any email capture landing page into a sales page instantaneously. You don’t have to update any URLs. You don’t have to do anything with plugins. You simply click one button and you can go from collecting email addresses to getting paid!

What Do Landing Pages Look Like?

Great question! Paul Jarvis, a friend (and user) of Teachery, was kind enough to let us borrow one of his designs as the framework for our first* landing page. Here are two examples (a sales page and email capture page) that were both built using our new landing page feature:




*We say first, because it’s our plan to add a few different landing page layouts down the road. We aren’t sure when this will happen, but it’s on our radar. We chose a very versatile layout for our first landing page and it’s very customizable. 

Watch The Landing Page Walk Through Video

Gerlando will walk you through how landing pages work in Teachery:

How Can You Get Started With Landing Pages?

If you already have a Teachery account, landing pages are available to you right now. Just login, navigate to the course editor on one of your courses, and you’ll see “Landing Pages” in the sidebar. There’s also a “Landing Page” link in the Style Editor section as well. If you don’t have a Teachery account, but would like access to sign up shoot me an email and mention this blog post.

We aren’t limiting the amount of landing pages you can create and there is no additional cost for this feature. It’s one of our goals at Teachery to give you as many tools as possible to be able to sell your online courses.



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