Teachery Pricing Changes, Integrations, PayPal, Course Duplication, and More

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Where oh where does the time go? We realize it’s been too long since we’ve updated you on our progress. Two months too long in fact! So what have we been working on?

Teachery Pricing Changes

UPDATE 10/30/15: We’ve made additional changes to our pricing you can read here.

Let’s just call a spade a spade: When you’re creating a new product or service, the pricing is fairly arbitrary. We won’t go on record as saying we pull Teachery’s prices out of a magical hat, but it can certainly feel that way at times. That’s why we’re making two changes to our pricing plans:

1. We’re getting rid of our Professional Pricing Plan

This plan was created for a few different reasons. One was to create a higher priced plan that allowed course creators to have lower transaction fees. Another was to anchor our $49/month plan against something that was more expensive. At the end of the proverbial day, we just didn’t want to have this plan available any more. No one signed up for it. We didn’t think it added value. Plus, we aren’t trying to onboard new users the way other SaaS products do. So why do things the same way they do them?

2. We’re getting rid of our Free Plan

Teachery is awesome. Plain and simple. We’ve spent over a year building a service that kicks ass. It’s worth paying for. So we’re drawing our line in the sand. We’ll continue to offer a 14-day free trial of Teachery, but our Basic Plan will now cost $49/month with NO transaction fees. We believe this is an absolutely fair price and we want our customers to be financially invested in Teachery so they’ll have an extra incentive to share their course(s) with the world.

There are two things to note about our new Basic Plan:

  1. If you signed up for our Basic Plan in the past, you will not be up-charged or have to start paying for Teachery. You are grandfathered in and can keep your plan at $0/month with 15% transaction fees as long as you like.
  2. Our Basic Plan is now fully featured! Because this was previously a free plan, we held a few features back (promo codes and free courses). This is no longer the case.


PayPal is NOT Coming to Teachery (any time soon)

This is one of our most requested features. We 100% understand that Stripe, the payment processor, is not friendly to all countries around the world. While we’d love to add PayPal to Teachery, it’s just simply not in the cards at this point.

Why are we not adding PayPal? Because frankly, PayPal sucks. It’s incredibly hard to work with. It’s not user friendly at all. Stripe has completely spoiled us.

But wait… you can use PayPal outside of Teachery! Our Landing Pages now include the ability to host external links to other payment platforms. You can also take payment for your online course outside of Teachery and onboard users manually through Teachery. You can do this with our Basic or Startup plan.

Not using PayPal for payment processing is a choice we know slows down our growth. We hope to add PayPal in the future, but for the time being we are focusing on Teachery features (two listed below).


Manually Add Students 

This feature was created to help support Teachery Course Creators who want to use PayPal or another payment processor. You can accept payment for your course outside of Teachery and then manually added students to your course. You can also use this feature for beta testing with your course. It’s a simple way to give someone access to your course without having to create a Landing or Payment Page.


Simple Course Duplication

Have an awesome course but want to test a version of it with slightly different content? Now with a click of one button, you can! Course duplication takes a matter of seconds and is a feature that’s included in both our plans.



Other Upcoming Teachery Integrations

ConvertKit – We’re excited to be partnering with Nathan Barry and his team over at ConvertKit. We strongly believe in the business Nathan is building and think it can be a huge help for Teachery’s course creators. There will be some awesome case studies and email marketing strategies to share very soon.

Bumpsale – This is another product I’ve been working on recently. Bumpsale gives you the ability to sell anything using an incremental pricing structure. You can price something at $20, set the “bump” to $1, and start selling. Once someone purchases your course at $20, the price would automatically increase to $21. If another person purchases, the price would “bump” to $22. And so on.



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