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We’ve had quite a few new users join Teachery in the past week due to the Bundle of Awesome and the free course I created, How To Build An Online Course. There have been a handful of recurring questions about upcoming features of Teachery so I thought I’d share them here and talk a little bit about each feature. I’m also including an Estimated Feature Time of Arrival (EFTA).

It should be noted that any feature listed below will be completely optional to use and will not be an up-charge.

Sub Lessons in Course Lessons

This feature has been on our radar since the beginning. We knew we’d eventually add it, but it’s been moved up our product time table quite a bit. With Sub Lessons our course creators will be able to embed lessons within lessons (Inception style!). Here’s a glimpse of how Sub Lessons will look in an existing lesson.

Launched: February 13

Teachery Sub Lessons

Discussions in Course Lessons

We’ve heard you and we’re prioritizing this feature. Our initial plan with discussions in lessons will be to allow Disqus. If you aren’t familiar with Disqus, they’ve mastered the art of discussion on blogs (see Disqus in action on a Buffer blog post). Why wouldn’t we create our own discussion tool? For the same reason we didn’t recreate a video uploading tool. Disqus has nailed this functionality and we think they’ll be a perfect fit within courses on Teachery.

Feature Launched: February 26

Teachery Discussion with Disqus

Payment Plans

Giving students the option of paying via a payment plan has always been on our shortlist of features. We’ve tried to make sure single payments work flawlessly before adding extra complications on the payment processing side. We know our course creators want payment plans and we’re working on them!

EFTA: March-ish

Additional Metrics for Course Creators

This isn’t so much a feature in an actual course, but something we think will benefit course creators (because it’s a feature I want for my own courses!). We’re working on displaying info like “Total Students” and “Total Course Revenue.” With that, we hope to also offer simple data sorting so you can see if any trends appear in course sales. If you’re an existing course creator and have other metrics you’d like to see added to your dashboard, please send us an email.

EFTA: March-ish

That’s It For Now…

Don’t worry, we have plenty more on the Teachery Product Roadmap. We also have a bunch of small fixes and updates we’ll be deploying over the next few weeks. None of these should interrupt your experience and if it’s worth sharing we’ll add a note here or in a future blog post.

Happy course creating!



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